11 week photos

Here are photos from the babies 11th week.

Amanda and Maria took the babies at the edge of the park the 4th of July party was held at. They had them the entire time we were there.
Amanda and Madison

Maria and Blake

Guy and Richard stopping by while working. Rick was there too, but left before I could get a shot with him in it. The guys were actually the first people to nab the babies. They got them out of the car as soon as I pulled up. It’s always, “Hi Shannon/Guy, where are the babies?” lol We think it’s cool.

This was the first few minutes Sam and Tawni arrived at the hospital to see mom. I am holding little Riley. He is forward in the photo so looks a tad bigger then he is.

Tawni and Riley

Madison sucking on the binky and hugging her little lamb blanket thingy. Rick and Adel gave a pink one to Madison and a blue one to Blake. They both love them, and they are super soft.
(Yes, for the observant ones it does look like Madison is flipping the bird in this photo)

Tawni and Riley

Mom in holding Madison after she got back from the exploratory procedure.

Mom and Mady again.

Me and mom.

Tawni and Riley after she fed him. These next three are variations of the same scene.

Some shots of the jets doing touch and go training by Tawni’s house. They are super super super loud if you haven’t heard one before. And the noise is constant and at all hours of the day and night. Sam couldn’t here me talking (yelling) to him in the hospital parking lot from 10 feet away. The hospital is several miles further then their apartment.

Mom and Riley

Riley’s feet
Mom and Riley
A close up of Moose
And a close up of Madison looking funny.
Moose has finally accepted the babies it seems. He laid down and scooted up against Blake the other night. That is something he normally does with us.

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