30 days of summer – Day 1

What can distract a boy from a found ball? A cute little baby/toddler he would love to play with! Today was a PJ day for the kiddos. We took them to the little playground not far from mum and dad’s condo. There was a stray basketball there Blake was loving playing with. He is getting quite good about throwing balls (and things) where he wants them to go.

Us June09 1439

This cooler weather is still awesome! Apparently it has also been quite cool and rainy back in NC. The weather is supposed to turn sunny and warm both here in Utah and in NC when we head home Thursday. Too bad it couldn’t have waited until we got home. Our Utah trips and bad national news out of Raleigh seem to coincide. A year ago when we were out here a man tried to kill his family in a car crash. He ended up killing the people in the auto he hit. Guy just told me today he was released on probation this week even after pleading guilty. Where is the justice in that. This trip the Slim Jim factory by our house had a major fire/explosion killing three people (luckily our friend David is OK), and the rain is causing some flooding too.

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  1. Oh this photo is so cute!! And then I read on, and how sad. Hope you end up having a good trip anyway. 🙂


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