30 days of summer – Day 10 & Madison is finally walking!!!!!

Today’s shot is one I took to show the new cloth diaper I am reviewing. I’m loving it and I will also get to offer one in a Giveaway soon! Keep checking back for loads more information.

SG June27 09 5

We are sooooo happy Madison is walking now. She is still pretty unsteady, but I am so proud of her. She has a lot of determination with a willingness to keep getting up no matter how many times she falls. Love this girl. Sorry for not saying anything else. It is time for bed, and the pictures tell a pretty good story anyway. Enjoy!
SG June27 09 2

SG June27 09 1

SG June27 09 3

SG June27 09 4

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  1. I love, LOVE the montage of Madison shots! She has changed so much since I've seen them last. They both have, but for some reason I think girls show it more (is it the hair?!). Congrats on your walkers! I can't believe how time has flown by.

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