30 days of summer – Day 12 Walking and eating videos

Today I have some videos to share with you. The must see ones if you have little time have a ‘*’ in front.

* First up is an ‘old’ video of Blake when he first learned to walk back around Easter. All you really need to watch the first 20 seconds. At the very end will be the baby birds we had in the tree off our porch.
90 seconds

This video is of Blake too. At some point in the video I say he doen’t like the dog barking, but he was trying to bark like the dog! Too funny.
69 seconds

* The next two videos are of Madison walking in the backyard!
14 seconds

46 seconds

This one is Blake being Blake with Madison fussing in the background. He trys to bark like a dog again. Why didn’t I catch this then? Sooo funny.
60 seconds

The babies first time eating with the spoons by themselves. I tried not to interfere with them at all. It cracks me up, but I’m sure it is my mommy goggles!
90 seconds

* Just Madison eating. She really did well, and I am majorly distracting her with my video.
31 seconds

* Just Blake eating. He really cracked me up with his ‘skills’ at eating!
45 seconds