30 days of summer – Day 13 Crazy funky day yesterday

I found a cool new application to use the end of this week when I get to have my first product review and contest! It’s called MckLinky which is a cool way to let people link to your blog for contests and other stuff. The blog I saw it on is a great photographer, interesting and has fun contests (that I’ll never win with my luck).

My friend, Rachael, is having a week of contests in honor of her triplets 2nd birthday!


I’ve been working furiously on photos the last couple days, but I don’t have any ready to share with you tonight. Until tomorrow!

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  1. Contests are sooo much fun! I love them – I try to do one a month. It's neat to see so many people excited about something, and it's nice to be able to give back to my readers.

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