30 days of summer – Day 14 – shopping, cleaning & fun

I’ve been having a ton of fun playing with my new camera lens. Really… A lot of fun. Today the kids were being thoroughly entertained by Guy blowing bubbles while I happily snapped away. This is just one of the gems I’ll be sharing with you when I get caught up posting photos.

WH Jul12 09 4

We have been slowly figuring out our Blake likes things neat, orderly and in their place. He doesn’t put things in order or pick up his toys yet. He usually just grunts and fusses until we follow him to whatever he wants fixed.

WH Jul12 09 1

Ah, shopping. Guy and I almost always go shopping together. We always have, and I think we always will. He hurries me along, and I slow him down a little. This way we spend just the right amount of time in the store. We also will often question a purchase the other wants to make so we can determine if the purchase is something we want, need, can afford & will use.

WH Jul12 09 2

The kids still love to play on opposite sides of the door. Either both of them on the opposite side of me or opposite from each other. I think we all get pretty giggly just about any time they do it.

WH Jul12 09 3

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