30 days of summer – Day 17

If you haven’t entered the contest for a fabulous cloth diaper go here. It’s open until 7/31/09.

Madison has been taking some funny face ques from her brother. The photos below don’t even begin to show off her range of expressions. She is also slimming down a bit helping her to fit into some of the clothes that were too tight on her. Whew! It looks like we’ll be able to make the summer clothes we have work until it gets cooler.
WH Jul25 09 1

Blake had the never go away tear the other day. It hung out under his right eye for at least 5 minutes. It’s so funny how much smaller he often looks when right next to Madison. They are pretty much the same height and only a pound or two different in weight.
WH Jul25 09 2
Check out that calf muscle on him! The sad thing is both Guy and I have super calf muscles so he could have gotten it from either of us.

Tonight I’ll be putting some new photos on the photography blog from those sittings with the sneak peaks last week.