30 days of summer – Day 18 – And a winner!

A girl and her new dolly. They ended up making friends by this morning. When I walked in from waking up late (alarm was supposed to go off at 7:15 but I woke at 7:45) Madison wasn’t awake yet despite Blake hollering to either wake her up or get me to let him out. She blinked at me a couple of times while I was getting Blake out of his crib. By the time I turned to her she was cuddling her new doll. Way cute.
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The reason we we in a hurry to get out of the house ASAP this morning was to meet up with some friends at a local farm. They allow people to come pick blueberries for free as long as we give them 1/2 of what is picked. I managed to get new diapers on, load up the diaper bag with breakfast, get my camera, load the feeding chairs, load up the pack n play, get dressed & even brush my teeth in less then 20 minutes. It still made us late, but my friend meeting me pulled up at the exact same time! Love it. I still would have rather sat there waiting for her then have the stress of running late. Being timely and early is one of the things I appreciate learning most from Guy. It turns out I realized the diaper bag (with the camera) didn’t make it into the car as I was putting them into their feeding chairs next to the bushes! At least I had grabbed some granola for myself on the way out the door & we were picking blueberries so the kids had food to eat as well as their water they had in the car. They were very good for about an hour. Then Blake only wanted to be held tightly by me. Madison was so jealous of him being held she demanded the same. That was it for me picking. Luckily the ladies agreed to go back on Monday for round two. I won’t forget the camera or the food this time!

Now for the winner!

I used Random.org to generate the random number. It gave me 15.

Maria is the winner!!! You have 48 hours to reply to this post or my email. I’m sure you will absolutely love your new diaper!

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loki photography July 23, 2009 2:53 PM

I follow your blog! 🙂

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  1. LOVE the baby doll! Coralee has three little baby dolls that she has to have with her at all times, she is such a little momma!

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