30 days of summer – Day 22 – Stone Mountain Park

When we went to Atlanta a few weeks ago all of us trekked out to Stone Mountain Park. It was definitely a Hotlanta evening keeping us all nice and swampy feeling.

Our first stop in the park was the old plantation home. It was pretty stinky (as in smelly) of old stuff, but I always love seeing it. They had a really pretty little garden right by the house too. Blake & Madison are getting really good about keeping their sunglasses on. Blake went to all of us at one point or another. Gracie and Madison were pretty much inseparable.
WH Aug 21 09 1

We ended up eating dinner at the park. I thought it was funny when the waitress threw our rolls at us from a platform above us. I don’t think it was a common practice in the restaurant so she must have just thought we were cool. Oh yeah, we are pretty stinkin cool.
WH Aug 21 09 2

The passifiers are officially gone! Today at church I had a moment of panic when my friends kiddos tossed his/her binkie (a few occasions) on the ground. Both kids were concerned about giving them back to the kids and not using them!!! Love it. I still can’t believe how easy it was to get rid of them. There is actually a lot LESS drama in our house without them. No more ‘where is it’ or ‘don’t you dare take it from me’ to deal with.

I forgot to adjust the aperature when taking this photo of Gracie and I to make us both in focus. It’s great she is the one in focus! The photo of Guy and Blake is odd looking to me. Blake’s shirt looks kind of like it could belong to Guy with Blake behind him instead of on his shoulder. Maybe it’s just me.
WH Aug 21 09 3

WH Aug 21 09 4

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  1. anything, you never would have known this was a hard shoot. The photos truend out great! My favorite is the one in black and white with the whole family under the umbrella. Awesome! I also really like the black and white one where the baby girl is in her diaper and is grabbing her little feet and looking into the camera. Great job

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