30 days of summer – Day 22

I just haven’t had that blogging feeling lately. Mostly it’s just been me busy editing the wedding and designing the album. A little of it may be the bad news we received about my grandma. Another part of it is the lack of personal photo editing lately. This morning I looked at my unprocessed photos to find they haven’t been processed since the 27th of July. The better part of my day has been spent processing all of our personal photos. Tomorrow or the next day I’ll put together a bunch of storyboards to share with you over the next week.

We also started another big project today. While editing the wedding the last week I let the kids use their binkies more then just for sleeping. Bad choice. Blake quickly turned into a binkie wanting little devil. It irritated me so much I decided to take them away from them both cold turkey starting today since Guy would be off for four days. This morning when getting them out of bed Blake wouldn’t even look at me in want of finding his lost binkie. He didn’t get it and hasn’t had it since. He has definitely been short tempered today to say the least. It took him about an hour and a half to get to sleep at nap time with a lot of crying. Madison was annoyed with Blake not letting her sleep, but hasn’t really been upset about the loss of her binkie. Tonight Blake was not happy about going to sleep without his binkie & fussed quite a bit. After about 5 minutes of hollering he calmed down a bit until madison lost her balance and hit her head. I went in to cuddle two kids who did not want to be cuddled. They played for a few minutes then I left. Thirty minutes later they were alseep with only normal playing noises. Hopefully the nap was the only real drama we have to go through. Probably not, but they better be over them in the next three days!

My friend had a good idea if the cold turkey doesn’t work. She said she puts a hole in their passy so it is not so fun. Then the kiddo makes the hole larger as they try to use it making it unusable. Her kids and many of her friends kids have done very well with this method.

This photo cracks me up. Cute little teary eyed Madison with a mischievous Blake in the background. I really ought to remember to put bibs on my kids more often when they eat. Her shirt is a wreck! And it was the first time she wore said brand new shirt.
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