30 days of summer – Day 24 – haircuts smaercuts

This picture share is all about drama. We took them in to the KIDS hair salon while in GA a few weeks ago. Guy was tired of my procrastinating cutting Blake’s hair & I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with Madison’s.
WH Aug 24 09 1

These kids will be getting mommy haircuts until I’m up to this drama again. And it was expensive! $30 to whack at their hair for about 8 minutes.

My sweet babies! They are so interesting to watch grow & develop. I know it will all pass quickly in the grand scheme of things so I try and keep that in mind. Who knows if they will want a cuddle or kiss tomorrow so I’d better take them now. Who knows if they will eat a particular food tomorrow so I try not to get upset if they don’t eat something. Who knows if they will be doing that cute thing tomorrow so I’d better watch today. There are so many fleeting expressions, actions and moments. Even the tough days are going to be gone soon. Sure there will be more good and bad to come, but it will be different.

Though I can very clearly rejoice the first year is over!!!! Today we went for a walk. They hopped up running to the door calling out ‘Bu Bye’ repeatedly as soon I let them know we were leaving. They both walked out the door on their own leaving me to grab everything we needed in my hands so there were no return trips to get something. They kept on their glasses and hats almost the whole time & they are starting to tell me what they want, need and see. Life is pretty stinkin good.

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