30 days of summer – Day 26 – NO!

I think I’ve finally fixed the comments! I thought people just weren’t wanting to leave comments for me anymore…. It turns out this cool blog template I’m using doesn’t support comments embedded on the main page so I switched it back to a full page view when you select comments below any post. Comments are always appreciated!!!

These photos were all shot on our front porch a few weeks ago right after breakfast (yes, I’m still weeks behind in our personal photo editing!). Sometimes I let them play just on the porch and sometimes they get to get off as well. Our porch is definitely big enough to give them plenty of room to move around. One of Blake’s favorite things to do is take the cushions off our furniture. Without the cushions they can get on and off much easier. Fast forward to now and we have almost kicked the cushion removing habit.

WH Aug 28 09 3

So what was all the drama about? I said they could not get off the porch. They tried and tried and tried. Each time I would say no when Blake would promptly burst into a noisy wailing tearful mess.