30 days of summer – Day 4

Today we have spent most of the day settling in. Our bed is piled high with clean clothes folded and laid out for hangers, the fridge is full of the perishables it was missing, our checkbook is up to date, some of the fullness on our DVR is gone, the lawn is freshly mowed, emails have been answered including some of the 40 plus needed sent out have been (are you feeling lucky if you were one? :-)), clients & family photos are uploaded to the galleries in preperation of pick up, Guy’s uniform is clean & laid out for his pre sunrise dressing and the lawn is no longer knee high.

It’s just about time for the first game of my softball tournament. Wish me luck!

This shot is of my two new summer dresses still wrinkled from the shipping and my legs were freshly shaved to try them on today. Otherwise you just don’t feel right no matter how new the dress is. The white one is a bit off in fit mostly because I have less then average (pretty much no) boobs. I’m hoping to make a some minor alterations for me. The other was made perfectly for me. They are both modest dresses too! It is so hard to find stylish dresses that are modest and not grandmotherly or just plain ugly. REALLY! Both of mine were on clearence with the white one $12.99 and the blush one $32.00. Check out Mikarose if you are interested.

30 days of Summer - Day 4

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