30 days of summer – Day 6

This shot shows how I feel today. The day started after much to little sleep over the past three days. The kids cried from the moment they exited the cribs (and Blake before) until we left for church. About half of church was a bit overshadowed by the cranky kiddos too. It only got more crazy after their brief nap this afternoon. They even fought and cried through getting their nails trimmed (duh, lol). Poor Guy coming home to a wildly inconsolable Blake who finally calmed down only to have Madison be the inconsolable one. It was a long 2 1/2 hours until they went down for all of us. Blake’s picture below was just taken when he woke back up for a drink and some cuddles. We should all sleep fantastically tonight! Madison has a couple of massive molars stretching out her bottom gum line trying to come in. We think Blake has molars coming in too.

SG June 21 09