30 days of summer – Day 7 & an announcement

Today was spent mostly on the computer getting ready to make our photography business announcements. Please check out the photography blog for the full message. The kids & I did manage to make it outside a couple of times. Madison walked only holding one of my fingers all the way to the mailbox. She also started to walk a few times unassisted today. Her problem is when she tries to grab onto something any time she has something in reach. A few times today poor Blake has been her ‘something’. Everytime she pushed, pulled or swung him around. Yes, she actually swung him around her this evening. You can imagine how much he liked that!

Oh, and look at her feet in this photo. These are the size 5 shoes that were too big on her last month. She couldn’t fit into her size 5 dress shoes on Sunday. On the plus side we have some super cute size 6 pink sparkly dress shoes for her. Maybe she’ll fit into them longer then 3 months… this time… I’m glad those shoes were only a $1 at a consignment sale!

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Guy and I are happy to announce that, for a limited time, you still have an opportunity to enjoy the pricing we have had for the last 6 years. We are so pleased you are our friends and customers. Thank you for your business and interest in our photography. We look forward to building an even better relationship in the future.

Our Fine Art photography is now available online. Check it out here! You can order prints & frames directly from the site delivered to your home. Please email or call me if you would like the family and friends discount code! email: sandgphotography@cox.net call: 919-585-6433

Check out the rest of the announcement and some great senior photos here.

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  1. I guess I haven't been around in awhile but I absolutely love the new look of your blog. I will need to come back later in the day to check out your other posts!

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