30 days of summer – Last day!

WH Sep09 09 1

A few weeks ago I rented a camera to test out. When returning the camera I saw a great bag that was calling my name. It is a small camera bag that makes taking just the minimum equipment or for quick lens changes during shoots. Last week I had the bag on the kitchen counter. Are you with me on where this is going?

WH Sep09 09 2

Yeah, Blake somehow (musta grown a bit) managed to reach the bag from the middle of the counter. I had not zipped it so he was able to get my all around lens out. He threw it down twice on the floor before I made it to him. It looked fine and seemed fine on my camera. It wasn’t! All the photos taken with it are blurry on both ends. So not cool.

WH Sep09 09 3

If you are wondering why photography is an expensive purchase. Our new lens set us back $1356.40 and will be here tomorrow. Ouch! We weren’t planning on any new lens purchases for a year. Kids. Gotta love em.

WH Sep09 09 4

Somehow this series of photos fits this story of the broken lens very well! What’s the most expensive thing your kids have completely ruined?

Madison is getting wise. Whenever she gets told no or gets caught doing something wrong she comes up to one of us for a kiss. Kisses make the whole world better in her book. She is the funniest walker. I love watching her lurching ungainly steps with both arms often held back. I’m sure she’ll start to get better in the next month or so. Until then it makes me giggle.


  1. Hmm .. I was the reason behind my latest lense purchas, oops! The most expensive things my kids have broken????? Dare I say "me"? Being PG with Haakon got me pretty sick and that hospital stay was NOT cheap!(lol! if that's the best I can come up with, I guess, my kids have been pretty good at staying out of stuff)

  2. I love the picture in the second group of Blake with his hands on his hips with that adorable little smirk. Sorry about the lens. OUCH!
    I can't think of anything of mine the kids have broken but Allias and Kailyn did spill hot cocoa on Traivs' ipod.

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