5 Years old

The twins 5th year feels like such a big change.  The communication is changing so much and so fast as this year goes by.

I’m constantly surprised by the thoughts the kids express.  They are starting to mature so much.  Blake is still our little lover.  He craves the comfort of love and affection constantly.  It gets quite annoying to most of the family.  I’m the one who doesn’t mind at all if he is overly wanting affection from me.  It will end Way. Tooo. Soon!  So keep on bringing on the random hugs, sweet kisses many “I love You’s” both by voice and sign language.   What age do boys stop wanting to be all cuddly and loving with their family members and you don’t buy him some gift for girls and boys?

Today you get a virtual hug from me if your boy no longer wants to be all lovey with you!!!