9 Days after ovulation – Infertility SUCKS!!!

WH Jul22 09 1

Here’s an oldie but goodie picture of Madison. It’s a little like I feel right now.

I’m sure most of the reason I feel this way is the excess of hormones I’m taking for this fertility cycle. This morning I went to the doctor for possible over stimulation of my ovaries. My tummy is really swollen & I look 4 months pregnant. He took a look to find only a few small cysts in each ovary. No biggie. He said the swelling and discomfort was most likely from the excess progesterone hormone I am on. While doing the ultrasound he saw what looks like a polyp in my uterus. A polyp is a tree like growth that can do a great job of preventing an embryo from implanting. Not a good thing to see. He said it looks large too. His advice was to come in for a hydro sonogram if we don’t get pregnant to confirm it then have it removed.

This new finding really decreases our chances even more. My hopefulness has gone bu-bye. Oh well. I’ll be totally and completely shocked if this works for us. If it doesn’t we’ll just need to be happy with being a family of 4. How much more grateful I am right now we were able to have twins when we successfully got pregnant last time. It was a miracle and continues to bless our lives every day as we experience these two adorable children learning and growing in front of our eyes.

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