A book I have for sale

I was very busy a little while ago posting a bunch of stuff to give away on a Freecycle group I belong to. I came across this book and inside the front cover it was signed!!! Big deal, right? Well, I then noticed a pamphlet in the back. This book is only one of 500 in English by a famous National Geographic photographer, and the original purchase price was $350.00 in 1997!!! What? I just now remembered where this book came from. It was picked up in a lot of National Geographic magazines (like 200 of them) and some other books at an estate sale my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Maddy took me to. I spent $150 that day on a couch, a Lane sleeper chair & a half with storage ottoman, shelves, the magazines & books, a rocking chair and a bunch of other stuff. If I can sell this book for $250.00 (which is cheaper then all of them for sale I found online) that will be a tidy profit indeed! Lin and Berni, you guys were there too.

Here is the link to my post on Craig’s list. I need photos before putting it on EBay or someplace else. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/bks/955943643.html

Now, here comes ‘rest of the story’ (this is a Paul Harvey reference). The couch ended up being a good couch for Guy and I in the long run, but we were in for a shocking surprise the first day of purchase. When Lin and Berni were lifting the long couch they discovered a great stinking mess of urine smell once all of the throw pillows were displaced!!! YUK. Guy, being the fabulous man he is took on the task of cleaning the monster. That couch was cleaned so thoroughly it was probably cleaner then the when it was brand new.

What interesting twists and turns life brings us.

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  1. Yes, I remember that auction…do you remember the extremely heavy radio cabinet and the mattress and box spring that Berni & I took back to Idaho?!! Hey, by the way, do we get any of the profit from said book? After all, we did help move the furniture!!

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