A few more videos for you guys

Today I finished both of my photo sessions successfully! YAY for vanquishing sickness! Recently a couple of photo groups in Flikr have been inspiring me with their awesome newborn shots. Today I had the most cooperative newborn ever to try a few ideas. They worked great, and I am really excited to edit them.

There was nothing happening to indicate a need to take this video, but I just wanted to shoot them at the moment. Well, the cutest scene unfolded involving sharing, dominance and decision making. These babies are really learning how to get along with each other, pick their battles and help one another. If you don’t have much time this is the one to watch!!! (1:30)

Here is Blake walking the front porch and a look at the new baby birds in the little tree off our porch. (1:07)

This video is Blake navigating into the house to his bottle and Madison drinking her bottle. (0:38)

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