A future garden

One of the things my mom is dreaming of doing in her retirement {less the 1/2 a year!!!} is growing a garden.  She has all these imaginings and told me she has already  done some drawings of the raised garden beds she wants.  Way to plan mom, so you don’t have to squat or bend over when working the garden!  I’ve also started a garden board on Pinterest with all kinds of vertical garden ideas plus whatever interesting tips pop up.  You can check out the garden pins HERE.

The kids last few weeks of school were very much about nature and gardening.  To say that has been their favorite topic since starting school two years ago is an understatement.  Madison is especially enamored with the whole growing process.  They would excitedly talk about how their seeds are progressing and how things grow.  They also learned a lot of technical terms about plants and flowers.  Love it!!

They each brought home a plant they started from a seed.

Little plug here:  Montessori education is amazing!!  We love Country Garden Montessori and the two fabulous teachers there! {We’re having the kids attend kindergarden there as well!!!  All of us are really excited to see what they learn this year.}

Blake’s plant grew a bit taller and Maddie had the first flower as shown here.

Of course, all three kids were happy but completely unable to look at the camera at once.  lol  I still love their expressions and interactions in all the images.  It is real life.

The plants are both still doing great weeks later in front of our townhouse.  The kids haven’t lost any interest in looking at them every day and making sure we water them appropriately.  For them it means 2-3 times a day…  lol  Good thing we keep in check on the water.  They would have drowned the poor plants weeks ago.

Now that school is approaching quickly, we are thinking of things we should probably jump on to help them start on the best footing.  There are all these wonderful apps to download for iPads that are free or have decent free versions especially geared towards the Montessori education.   The goal is to have them do those ‘games’ for 20 minutes a day leading up to the start of school.  

This face cracks me up.  It’s the face he gives when he is asked to smile or thinks he needs to smile on cue.  lol  Most of the time joking around with this kid is the only way to get a real smile out of him.  This one is adorable though and will certainly give future girl friends a laugh.  🙂