A sneak peak at our vacation

Was I really thinking I’d finish all 682 photos from our vacation in a few hours today?  Not really possible! I did put together a great 16×20 storyboard for our wall.  I love it.  The storyboard is a great peak into our trip.  I’m going to love having this on the wall!  It’s also going to be a new option for printing instead of a canvas, photo float or framed print which I hope I love just as much as the gallery wrapped canvas.  Love!
Our kids really do well with traveling.  They love new situations, weather conditions, people & just about anything that comes their way.  They whine pretty much exactly the same amount they do at home, though it is only during meals on trips.  Maybe it’s not the normal tasting stuff or something.  Or we let them get toooo hungry before we eat.   I’m pretty sure it’s our fault.
There were so many photos to pick from.  I could make at least 5 more of these.  Hmmmm, that would make a cool statement on the wall.  But no, I really need to do an actual photo shoot of the kids since we have not been following the recommended picture schedule!  
Top Row Comments:  {1} It was cool to be in some photos on this trip.  I love how casual the pic of Maddy with me is.  Her little arm looped over mine with a sweet smile.  {2} Blake was being…  Blake.   {3} I was holding the camera to get a pic of Guy & I when Blake got in on the action.  They are starting to smile on command for the camera.  The whole series of these shots is funny.  {4} We both LOVE this photo of Madison playing in the toddler pool.
Upper Middle Row Comments:  {1} We were in a cab headed to the beach on Tortola after an hour walk around town.  {2} Blake is there fresh from the ships surgical center with three staples in his chin coloring on the bed.  {3} The shot of our feet as we’re looking off the ship is a similar shot to one we have hanging in the spare bedroom of Guy & I on our first cruise.  It also had the life vest with the ship name on it in front of us.  
Middle Row Comments: {1} Blake & Maddy descided to say prayers while we were hanging out on deck.   {2-3} Madison & Blake in the toddler pool.  It’s another shot both of us love.  {4} The kids looking out at he ocean our first morning.  
Bottom Middle Row Comments:  {1} Hanging out in the hammock on NCL’s private beach.  We totally scored a sweet spot that no one else came to for hours.  {2} Madison glancing over at Blake while Guy held her.  They had been looking out at the ocean together.  {3} An upside down boat on Samana, Dominican Republic.  If you look closely you can see the trash that covers any spot a human was in contact with on the island.   {4} The kids in the ocean with Guy on Tortola.
Bottom Row Comments: {1} Blake on Guy’s chest.  {2} Guy transporting the twins while I had the carry on’s, carseats and smaller bags with the stroller.  {3} Madison in Guy’s sunglasses while we hung out midday in the lounge during a salsa dancing lesson.  {4} Me & my Blakie!
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  1. looks like a blast. The story board is awesome. The colors all blend so well together. I love Madison's sweet little smile when she is playing.

  2. Shannon, I love these pictures. They are all great, but probably my fave is Guy pulling the kids on the luggage. That's so awesome and a great way to travel with twins!

  3. Love the photos! It looks like you guys had an amazing vacation! I hope you returned feeling refreshed and relaxed!!

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