Am I such a slacker?

Happy Birthday Blake and Madison one day late!!! I didn’t throw a party for the kids. No gifts from us either. We never got around to ordering the cakes for a one year cake smash. I scheduled a photo shoot and went to a church ladies gathering on their birthday. So, am I a super slacker? NOPE! I am taking the free pass of them not knowing any better or caring yet for all it’s worth.

Here are some photos from last year on the big day!

Our cute little baby A with Guy – Blake
Birth & 1st Day 04

Here’s a shot of Blake under the dining table at the recipe exchange. What one year old can’t stand up strait under a dining room table? They are so stinkin tall. I love the mischievous look here.
Babies yr1 apr09 1019

Our sweet little baby B with Guy – Madison
Birth & 1st Day 07

The only photo from the day of the birthday girl when we left the photo shoot. They were driven around town by a friend while I was doing my thing.
Babies yr1 apr09 1005

Here’s Guy with both of them while I was being put back together
Birth & 1st Day 09

And just to show I was there… plus about 15 pounds of IV fluid swelling me up
Birth & 1st Day 14

This was almost the only time Madison was awake the next 24 hours since she was our little c-section baby. Blake was a typical natural vaginal birth baby with loads of wake time (relatively speaking, of course).
Birth & 1st Day 18

I generally tell people dessert is wasted on me. It hardly ever tastes as good as it looks. Since I have had hypoglycemia most of my life it also makes me feel bad. An awesome body change the pregnancy brought was to make my metabolism more normal! Woo hoo! I no longer have to eat every 4 hours, and I can indulge in desserts without the bad physical affects. But, that doesn’t mean I really like dessert. What a weirdo to not appreciate dessert. I went to the recipe exchange (themed dessert this month) yesterday for the socializing and yummy hamburgers and hot dogs. Anyway, check out a couple of the lovely desserts the ladies enjoyed.
Babies yr1 apr09 1008

Babies yr1 apr09 1013

Sharon made Kim eat a huge spoonful of frosting.
Babies yr1 apr09 1010

A few of the ladies discussing what looked the best as they were filling their plates.
Babies yr1 apr09 1017


  1. Happy Birthday Babies! I love the photos from their birth day and lucky you for experiencing giving birth 2 different ways!

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