An all around update

Replies to the last post comments:
Thanks Cindy!
Jaime – I commented back on your blog. And thanks for adding me as a Facebook friend. I requested entrance to the group.
Thanks Amanda. We are going to change them to her dragonfly pair sometime soon.
Heather – Good to know someone else would too. Your babies are sooo cute. Glad you are adjusting to the new addition!
Ruth – The floor took guy two full days. He had never done one before, and he had some help from a friend for about 3 hours the second day.

I have so much to say, but feel there is no time to say it. There have been times where I wrote entire posts in my head while driving or doing something in the last five days. There was this especially not nice rant about driving/drivers I decided not to actually type out! I think all of us are pretty set on our driving philosophy and habits so anything I say will only vindicate some and tick off others. But it’s hardly likely anyone will change.

I will say this about driving though. Everyone should make it a habit to make sure all three mirrors are in the proper position when you start to drive (every time), and constantly scan them as you drive. This will help you drive a lot more safely, and enable you to make split second moves if you encounter any hazard and/or bad drivers.

The last few days have been super busy crazy. I have had three photo shoots at the house and another on location, my friend came over to watch the kids while I took ALL day to bust out her photos, I’m cannibalizing my wedding dress to make a dress up dress and a tutu, I met a friend from online who had twins the week before me (a long 5 hour visit in the comfort of my home), we went to the church Christmas party, I went to a baby shower, I went visiting teaching, we did some online shopping for clothes that actually fit Guy and I (mostly long enough in the right places), the babies got all snotty and congested, we are now snotty and congested, and I took a few showers… Ha ha.

How would you like to be the 17 year old girl who rear ended a cop while he is working!?!? That is exactly what some poor girl did to Guy tonight right at the beginning of his shift. She was fortunate there seemed to be no damage and they did not write her a ticket and will have the town shop take a look at the car to adjust anything needing adjusting.

My dad, step mom (Judy) and little sister (Gracie) will be arriving on Saturday afternoon to spend a few days with us leading up to Christmas! It has been a few months since they were able to see the babies.

So many new photos to share. I’, through about half of them so will put in a big post of photos with comments tomorrow!


  1. Well, it just shows how big Guy’s heart is that he didn’t even ticket the poor girl!! How is he doing by the way? Any news on Guy’s dad?

  2. Funny! Steve got rear-ended in his police car at work by a teenager a few months ago too! His was actually a triple car accident, but he was parked at the light. Unfortunately he did suffer some upper shoulder/migraine problems.

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