Another lapse, whoops!

It’s been really busy around here. Sorry for not posting much on our blog. I’ll get right back into the groove again tomorrow. On the up note I am 100% up to date on our personal pictures. Our business ones are pretty close to being all done too. I love having Sunday’s set aside to only be able to do things with our personal life. YAY!

This first share is a mat/storyboard I created last week for the photography business. Let me know what you think of it though it really doesn’t go with this photo! The photo is one Guy took of the kids in their favorite play spot. They have a lot of fun and work out a lot of kinks in their relationship in the laundry baskets!
WH Jul3 09

The next series of shots were taken on Friday. I have more to share with you, but I am headed to bed! 🙂
WH Jul5 09 1


  1. Thanks for the comment! Your kiddos are adorable and your blog is so cute. The video about infertility just made me cry! Must be pregnant. 🙂

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