Another Monday morning…

Here is a photo of me, mom & Tawni taken about 2 years ago in Phx.

This weekend was a killer! I’m so exhausted that being at work actually feels a bit restful. Totally weird.

Friday after work we went out to eat with Guy’s friend, Rick, and his wife, Adel, and their son, Nicolas. It was nice to finally meet her as we have spent a lot of time with Rick and Nicolas. I also have some yummy left overs to eat today if they are still good. But word of advice… If you do not like blue cheese DO NOT try Gorgonzola cheese. Wow, that is some strong and pretty icky cheese.

Sabrina and her mom came to visit from California. Sabrina & her husband, Junior (or Rod or Herminio) used to live here in NC. Junior used to work with Guy. We spent most of Saturday together and then Sunday evening as well. They were running me around like crazy to get those babies to come… LOL. Nope, these babies seem to want to stick around for the long haul. They also helped to organize the dresser I have the baby clothes in. The drawers were completely crammed full making it hard to figure out what is all in there. They pulled everything out. Anything over newborn or 0-3 months was packing in two boxes. Then the rest was folded and placed back in with like items. Now it is easy to see what the girl and boy have available to wear. One less worry and detail to attend to. We also went out to lunch on Saturday and dinner on Sunday with them.

I had my last baby shower on Saturday. It was so much fun and the perfect size guest turn out. There were just enough people to have a ton of fun and converse with everyone! My friend’s Maria and Heidi made the most incredible cake. No, I didn’t eat any, but everyone said it tasted great. Heidi baked the cake. Maria made it into a diaper bag! And she also made the accessories out of edible stuff too. There are tons of photos I’ll put up when I get the chance. We still are missing a bunch of stuff we need though. I spend 3 hours after church making my sluggish (you know at a snails pace) way around BRU and Target Sunday. Every once in a while it was prudent to find a place to sit and rest. Then they didn’t have many of the things we need in stock or it was discontinued.

This morning I woke up at 4:15 and was unable to get back to sleep. Now I am alternating feeling super tired and just a little tired. It feels like these babies are going to stay in forever! But I’m now ready for them to come out since the OB said it would be OK. It would work out for us schedule wise with all that we have going on this month. It is a crazy month of stuff going on. But since when do kids follow what we want them to do?

Starting on Thursday I noticed some swelling. And I gained 3 pounds in 4 days. By Sunday my legs and arms were quite puffy looking. This morning all signs of swelling were magically gone, but I didn’t weigh myself. Now all I have is bright red skin which is weird too. The skin that is bright red is my legs, hands and occasionally my face and belly. But it doesn’t feel like I have high blood pressure. Tomorrow morning is my appointment so it should be fine to wait until then to talk to them about these weird things.

Tawni just called me this morning. She has had two episodes in the last 12 hours of leaking fluid. I told her to get herself to the OB ASAP and call them to let them know she is on the way. She is only 28 weeks pg and has the placenta previa. So it is vital she make sure any sign of preterm labor or premature rupture of her membranes is looked at right away. Sam came home and they went to the OB. She said she would give me a call either way to let me know what’s happening.