Ants are us

Guy filled the sandbox under the play set with sand last week.  The kids were given some sand toys and explicit instructions which included leaving the sand IN the sandbox.

This week I caught Maddie Mia and Landon with buckets of sand and shovels by the house.  After interrogating them they let me know they were feeding the ants.  Really?!?!  Last year we had a huge ant problem.  It was crazy how many ants were around our house and our neighbors.  We talked about not feeding the ants, and how they had not followed the rules by putting sand where the ants are.  I also told them they would be in huge trouble if they did it again.  Oh, and they couldn’t play in the sand anymore that day.

Today Guy was home for just over two hours between work and work.  One of those hours was me doing a photo shoot in the studio.  About 30 minutes remained when he suddenly yelled for the kids to come to him.  We all trekked out to the backyard where I saw two large piles of sand with hundreds of ants crawling in and out.Those large piles were not there when I got onto the kids.

Ahhhhh, so now they have lost all of their lovely sand toys.  Madison loves to play in the sand more then any kid I’ve ever seen.  This is a huge blow to her.

While we were gathering the sand toys we found two colonies of ants in the sandbox.  Guy asked her if she brought them in and Blake chimed in that she had moved ants over.  Silly girl!

We were doing our chase each other around the backyard in these next few images.  So fun!

Landon loves to take down Blake when he can…

Another wonderful thing about having such a big kid.  He learned how to get on the swings this week and has been a swinging fool ever since!  Landon turned 23 months this week too.

Our funny little toddler also had an awesome time learning to use the big bouncy ball!   Oh, I forgot to mention his banged up face.  It’s from the face plant he did 20 minutes after Blake broke his arm.  🙂

Blake’s temporary cast didn’t slow him down much at all.  Now that he has the permanent one on he is unstoppable!

His new nickname he gave himself is Blake Austin White Aussie Aussie!