Getting back into it

I’m sad to say that with the move to our new home, I needed to make sure there was constant work coming in for Lifelong Impressions Photography in order to make all of our living expenses happen.  We love the new home as we have spent so much time choosing the right one among custom… Continue reading Getting back into it

Family pictures Fall 2013

Our family pictures have always happened in the spring around the kids birthdays.  Since all three kids were born April 18-20th it makes it an easy easy time to remember capturing our family in images.  Self times and remote controls are not my thing.  There always seems to be something that goes wrong with a… Continue reading Family pictures Fall 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!!!

Halloween is so much fun.  One of the amazing things about being part of a church community is the, well for lack of a different word… Community. I’m from a very very large metro area.  Phoenix, AZ.  It is so large with millions and millions of people spread across the valley floor and beyond.  We… Continue reading Happy Halloween 2013!!!

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