Baby it’s hot out there

The temperature gauge on my car said it was 99 degrees on the way to church.  With the humidity around here it means more like 110 in Phoenix speak.  This minus the moisture sucking wave that hits you upon first exposure.  Around here it is more like an immediate adding of moisture.   This brings me back to softball yesterday.  Have you ever noticed that shady sweat and sunny sweat smell completely different?…  Yeah, I know that sounds weird.  Think about it though.  Most of the time when I sweat it isn’t really stinky.  However, on a hot sunny day when I’m actively working my body is completely offensive to me.  🙂  Maybe everyone else wasn’t knocked out by me, but then my normal smeller is pretty sensitive like a pregnant woman’s.  
Today is day three of blogging every day.  I’m realizing how much I missed blogging.  There are so many things that haven’t been recorded in the last few months due to my lack of blogging.  Bummer.  One thing I forgot to mention is their two year stats.  They aren’t the top of the charts like they used to be.  Blakie is coming in at only the 70th percentile and Mads is at the 90th.  They weigh about 33-35 pounds.  He is 35.5 inches tall, and she is 36.5.  The girl is still bigger then the boy.  The other day someone thought she was whining when he was since he still sounds like a girl too.  ha
Today we are in for a treat!  Guy got out the camera all on his own.  With his work schedule and the twins naps they stayed home from church.  He got them to play in the wiggly water sprayer.  They had a great time.
Us Jun10 2103 web
Blake is one of the most expressive people.  He also forges ahead with whatever is on his agenda.
Us Jun10 2104 web
Guy tells me he knew I’d love this shot when he took it.  I do.  She is holding herself so tall, but the little girl details of the chubby belly and around the knees.  And what is that expression?!  I’d love to know what she was plotting.  
Us Jun10 2105 web
Maybe it was this run through the water.
Us Jun10 2106 web
Auntie Corri will be happy to see the awesome shades she helped Madison pick out.  Anytime she wears these shades people stop us to comment on how adorable she is.  When our niece, Karissa, was visiting last week we went into a Claire’s {or something like it} for the first time in her life.  Maddie was in super heaven!  She went from rack to rack trying on glasses, little purses, hats & anything else she could swipe off the shelf.  Karissa bought her some adorable butterfly earrings she has been proudly wearing ever since.  I think I’m going to be in trouble on the accessory front once she gets a little older.
Us Jun10 2109 web
There is nothing cuter then seeing these guys hold hands and make sure the other is doing well on their journey through life.  Just tonight Blake sat with Madison in her little chair made for one.  Each of the had a cheek hanging off one side of the chair, and he had his arm around her shoulder as they sat there.  They never let me get a picture of them being so sweet to each other.  
Us Jun10 2108 web
So cute.
Us Jun10 2107 web

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