Baby shower photos

Here are photos from Saturday’s baby shower.

In this photo I am holding up the ribbons that indicate how big around my belly is. It is about 47 inches right now. The babies are growing more up and down then out. Does it look like about 11 lbs of babies? lol The friend with me is Maria. She made the cake into the diaper bag and all the cool edible baby stuff.

This sign is really cool and I can’t wait to put it up on the wall of our new home.

Here is the cool cake and accessories I was talking about. Maria is very talented.

Here is Maria cutting the cake.

This is a photo of all the lovely gifts we received. Sabrina and Annie laid them all out so nicely.

This is a close up of the edible baby accessories.

The next couple are of some friends from church who attended.

Guy being silly with the edible baby bottles. I think he took those to eat.

Sabrina, me and Annie. I still can’t believe their trip worked out so well and they had already planned to spend Saturday with me! It’s so sad not have our friends living here anymore.

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  1. Shannon: OMG!!! It looks like you have had a lot of fun and got a lot of fun stuff! I LOVE the cake! I want to try to do one now. I will be starting my fondant cake class Tuesdays so maybe I can try it soon.

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