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{My mom, me, Madison, Blake & Riley}

The last couple weeks the kids and I were in Phoenix.  It was a great trip overall that felt great to go on.  Guy stayed at home to save those vacation days for our little guy due to make his appearance in the next 6-10 weeks.  He also took charge of some home improvements we are all absolutely loving.

{During shot Guy took of our improvements}

By the way, the images have pretty much nothing to do with the text.  It’s just a random assortment of images from the last 3 weeks that caught my eye when uploading them.

{Riley, Blake & Madison on mom’s front porch}

While we were away, the computer that was lugged painfully out to Phoenix with us just took a major dump the second day we were there!  Since this was also a working trip with some photo shoots scheduled this did not make me a very happy camper.  I did manage to get one session mostly processed and edited with the use of a painfully slow process of uploading images to the computer back home in small batches of 6-12 images .zip files.  Then I was able to do some time delay editing via remote access to the computer back home.  It was comically painful!  But, it worked and my client who was very nervous about the outcome of her normal lively girls, was able to see the images much sooner!

{Most of the young cousins}

{Maddie being grumpy during our photo time}

With the Garner High school basketball team at the end of their undefeated season and the regional playoff games held at their school, Guy had to work their games both Thursday and Friday night.  We only saw him an hour or two each day.  Today we had him around most of the day, but he is off chaperoning a youth dance in Fayetteville tonight.  Tomorrow we get to have him the entire day!  We are all looking forward to it.

{On the front porch our first day back in Raleigh}

{Blake, me and the belly!}

My belly is now quite a bit out there at 31 weeks pregnant.  It is still a much easier pregnancy then the pregnancy with the twins.  My complaints are very mild most of the time with a little heartburn, some discomfort when changing sleeping positions, pelvic bone pain {when overdoing it}, tailbone pain {pretty normal for me}, and not liking my weight gain amount.   He is a very active boy in there.  The kids are getting more excited as we get closer and they see us getting more things ready for him.  Today I made some cloth wipes to use with our cloth diapers.  Since the sewing machine was out I made Madison a blanket with a silky ribbon edge for her baby dolls.  With the leftover flannel from the wipes I made Blake a baby blanket too.  This way when he plays with Madison and the babies he can use a very boy print blanket to help care for them.  His does not have the silky edging.

{Reward for going to the hair salon to watch Blake get a hair cut}

{Riley-cousin, Madison, grandma & Blake}

The plan is to try for a vaginal birth.  Since my cesarean section {c/s} with Madsion was due to her being footlong breach my chances of a successful vaginal birth after a c/s are high.  They do not like to induce labor though since it ups the risk of uterine rupture by 2x’s making it a 2% chance instead of a 1% chance according to my OB.  At my last appointment on Friday I checked to see if any of the OB’s would be on vacation the week of my due date and the week after.  It turns out two of the men OB’s will be out the week after he is due.  Since I prefer male OB’s to women {more compassion} that is pretty ironic.  Hmmmm, maybe a little overdoing it to bring on labor like with the twins could be in my future.  Though I’m pretty sure scheduling all of that activity again would be pretty near impossible since last time it involved photographing a wedding, working full time, packing up our house and moving houses bringing on that labor.  It was a jam packed 8-10 days prior to their birth.

{Back – Aunt Maddie, cousin Amber with Jaiden, mom.  Front – Aunt Karen, Blake, me & Maddie}

{The kids running in a race!  Blake won every time, Madison ran fast while trying to charm us too, Riley just enjoyed himself running when he felt like it and charming us as well.  So comical!}


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