Bad news, good news, bad news, bad news and bad news…..

The bad news is I accidentally permanently erased three personal folders of raw photos. The good news is I am no longer behind in processing personal photos. The bad news is we will never ever see those photos again. The bad news is they included photos from 9, 10, and 11 months of the babies lives. The bad news is the ones I was so excited for in the metal tub yesterday and most at the park the other day are all gone. Mady had some pretty portraits with the blossoming trees behind her. 90% of all our last Utah trip photos are gone too. Yeah, it pretty much sucks! I had only processed one tub shot. Here it is… The rest were cuter, but this was the one I thought also may have been good for the I Heart Faces entry. UGHHHHHHHHH!!!! Why did this happen to me. It was at least 1000 photos.
I just uploaded some photos to Flikr and there were more of the park processed then I thought. I’m still so upset, because I had planned the tub ones for soooooo long. There was finally a day the weather cooperated and Guy too. I’ll get over it, but today I’m wallowing in the disappointment.

There were about 50 more of these beauties and a couple with them standing up showing both bubble covered backsides!
Babies 11 months 1482


  1. That’s a bummer! I know it hurts to lost photos like that. You’ll just have to take even more!!

  2. Wait!!! I read on BBC about someone doing this. She posted a help and a computer person told her how to have the photos recovered! Please check into it!!

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