Beachy love – Uhm still showing ya’ll August… lol

These were all taken in Virginia Beach back in August. I love destination weddings. LOVE them! How much fun is it to head off to an exciting place different from home for your wedding? We went to San Diego from Phoenix for ours. Totally loved the nice intimate experience with just our parents as companions & witnesses.

WH Sep26 09 1

WH Sep26 09 2

Here’s the shot of why she needed the love. Totally not diggin the seat above the water in the bottom.
WH Sep26 09 4

I’ll say it again. Come anywhere with us and be prepared to have your hand gripped by Madison most of the time! That is unless you want to hold her. She’ll let you do that as the other option. She is our little lumpa love. For sure.
WH Sep26 09 3