Belly shot at 21 weeks and u/s update

Here is the belly shot at exactly 21 weeks pregnant. The OB said I have a ‘huge’ uterus. lol It made me laugh. She only said that because I said the belly seemed to get big fast and I’ve had some major growing pains. The u/s showed my cervix is still long and closed. This means the contractions I was having are definitely the Braxton Hicks kind and harmless. Or the hardness of the stomach can also mean not enough water or I’m doing too much. She was very pleased overall and asked me to set my next apt for four weeks out. She was a bit discouraging about flying just because I am considered high risk, and you never know when something could happen even though everything is going well. The u/s was not a good one. The tech wasn’t very good at explaining or showing much. We still enjoyed getting to see the babies. No good pictures though. The girl is still commanding the top part of the uterus laying across my belly with her head on the right side. I thought the pain where her head is was one of my fibroids. She’s a hard headed little gal. The boy’s head is directly below hers. His body is somewhat across and down taking up the bottom of the uterus. It’s pretty cool to see their heads together and it looked like they were batting their hands at each other. All good news on the baby front with all discomfort and pain perfectly normal.

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  1. Wow Shannon, you look great! You’re going to be one of those moms that goes home in her pre-pg jeans, so jealous!

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