Big and Little

In all of our lives there are big and little moments that make us who we are both positive and negative.  As parents we try to create more positive shaping experiences with our kids then negative.  I don’t know about you, but the negative experiences that happened when I was very young are the only ones that stuck with me.  You know, like right after we moved into our townhouse when I was 4 or 5 a dog barked at me loudly while advancing on me.  Here are a few things we did lately to create positive experiences.

The fair was definitely a Huge one for them, but I’ll put that one in it’s own post.  There were these images I wanted to share first.  I know, talk about eternal teaser…

I’m a blog reader as much as I like to write a blog.  There are people I know in real life, people I’ve met online in mom or photography groups, photography related blogs, design blogs, decorating blogs, financial blogs, food/craft/homemaking blogs and those who I just find interesting {generally with good images!}.  One of my favorite inspiration blogs is Stephanie Nielson’s blog called the Nie Nie Dialogues.    Her family recently had a photo/video shoot with Blue Lily Photography which is a family who travels doing photography and video sessions.  The kids and I watched the video together quite a few times.

They giggled and were amazed watching the fun and love of this family in video.

I’m pretty sure if a feather pillow comes open around my two in the future they will know exactly what to do with it!

I love this serious loving expression Blake gave me as he was touched by this video.

Oh, and the fun!!!   Here is a link to the video we watched for these images.  It is about 3 minutes long.

I found out the kids loved videos when I showed them a video of baby Ella and then one of the Mormon Messages videos.  The Mormon Messages are generally less then 5 minutes and cover everything from how to handle tragedy, everyday events and religious beliefs.

We were out and about running a couple of time sensitive errands last week.

Sometimes when we drive the kids alternate from “reading” a book, watching out the window in boredom, watching in excitement, singing and talking.  We noticed on our way to our first destination Ken’s Corn Maze and decided to stop back by on our way home.   On the way back there we told Blake to keep a sharp eye out his window for something big!

While he was busy looking I was talking to and playing with Madison.

Then he spotted it!

Look Dad and Mom!  Look Maddie!

It’s a monster truck!!!!!

Guy gave each of them a boost to look into the cab.

Blake checked himself out in the wheel.  They loved checking it out and the huge pumpkins.

They really wanted to check out all the festivities by the corn maze down a little hill.  We knew we were all hungry and really needed to eat.  Blake is busy here naming off the reasons we Needed to go down there.

But being the mean parents we are, we knew that we all needed to eat before real meltdowns happened.

In an effort to snap Blake out of his little cry/pout I asked him to show me his pouty face for the camera….

He couldn’t hold onto it for long!

We all happily went off to get some fooooood!!!

This has to be my favorite non chosen image from the Halloween photo shoot.  I just love this adorable little girl amongst all the scary props.  Since today is Halloween it was my last opportunity to share it.  Happy Halloween.

The other day my friend showed me a new catalogue.  This page cracked me up.

Blake is our super clean kid.  He randomly picks things up to put them away as he notices them.  His hands MUST be clean.  When eating anything of potential mess he more often then not asks one of us to help him to avoid being messy.  Of course, this also delays his learning how to use a spoon and fork well.  He is rarely OK with any food on his face.  This day he was happily drinking his first smoothie/milkshake creating a bit of a mustache.

I was all about recording this moment of mess in my boy.

Madison however, noticed his messy face.  She leans over to him and says, “Clean your face.  It’s a mess!”

Here is what my sweet girl looked like as she told him this….  lol  It is also how she often looks when eating.  However, her fork and spoon skills are much better then his are.   We teased her letting her know her face was just as messy.

On one of the first chilly but nice days we headed out to the front porch to snack, enjoy some family time with all of us and talk to Nanny & Poppy on the phone.  Those phone calls to all the far away grandparents are so important.  Even if the kids don’t actually talk during a specific conversation they are reminded of their wonderful grandparents helping them develop relationships of love and trust with all 5 of them.

We had asked all the grandparents what they wanted to be called since there were so many of them we thought it would be easier for the kids to have individual names for them.  We ended up with Nanny & Poppy for Guy’s parents, Grandma for my mom, and Grandpa and Grammy for my dad & step mom.

I love this one!!!!

I think most families with more then one kid at some point have food competitions.  As if there isn’t enough food they have to stuff down anything given out family style as fast as possible.  It’s a good opportunity for them to learn patience and sharing and how mommy and daddy plan ahead to provide enough food to make them full and happy.

She wanted me to take a picture of her, but only gave me grumpy faces…

We told the kids to put their cheeks on daddy’s for a shot.  This cracked us up.  My mom did something like this for a shot of her and my grandma together.  We both called him Kris for a while.   Madison’s expression is so sweet here.

All three of these last three shots are favorites of mine.  Enjoy them.