Big momernts and Guys bad Fathers Day

Both of the babies are starting to reward us with social smiles just for us. It’s no longer in their sleep anymore! It’s a;ready making things easier.

It also may be that Guy did a wonderful thing for me on Saturday night. He took the last feeding of the evening and getting them to sleep so I could get 8 hours of solid sleep. I woke up at about 7 hours, but was able to go back to sleep. Just that one night of solid sleep and I already feel so much better and rested.

Of course, this means Guy started off Father’s Day with little sleep and stressed out about getting the house ready for the next guests. Mum and Dad will be here tonight! We are both really excited to see them. It has been since last September when we visited them in Australia while they were on their mission. I hope they have a nice flight today. Dad didn’t do so well on the way home from Australia a couple of weeks ago.

The twins still aren’t on a schedule, but we are getting closer to establishing one. They are starting to get more consistent about a long sleep at night though. What they are not getting better about is sleeping on their own during the day or playing on their own. They want to be held constantly. This is easier said then done with two. Right now they are both taking a break from breast feeding on my lap sleeping away. I have this huge twin nursing pillow that curves around my body and is made of really sturdy thick foam. It’s the first time I’ve tried them here at the desk in the office chair. So far it is working really well. Well, except for when Madison just about slipped off her side! They have to nurse in the ‘football’ position (heads pointed towards each other with their bodies curved around my sides). Since they are getting bigger, stronger and longer it is getting a bit tougher to do this. They have both started kicking off the pillows or chair and also don’t really fit on the sides of the pillow anymore. We’ll figure it out though and hopefully they’ll continue to be able to nurse. (Madison just giggled in her sleep!) I’m trying a new thing which will hopefully resolve some nursing issues we’ve been having. Madison and I always have a hard time whenever she nurses on the right. So now she is the left side baby and Blake gets the right side. Plus, if she is in one of her moods and will not nurse he will be able to finish up on her side,