Big news

Mady is in my arms so this post may not be as long as it should be.

We completely ran out of Madison’s formula. Today was the first day we could go down to the local WIC office to get some more checks for them. Boy does it have to always be a long and aggravating line at a government agency. All we needed were some new checks printed out to increase how much formula we get a month. I signed in at 10:08 am. At 10:45 Guy went in to see what is taking so long. The lady told him they were working on getting all of the checks printed right then. At 11:10 he made me go ask them again. I asked it he should go run an errand or will it be soon so it wouldn’t seem like we were bugging them. She told me she was just about to call me in. I went back to the waiting room. Yep, and waited. They called me in at 11:45. Sheesh. And the bigger sheesh is what we noticed a lady giving her child. The baby’s bottle was clear and the milk inside was PINK. There’s only one thing we could figure would make an infants milk turn that color. Strawberry Quick or syrup! It’s amazing what people will give a child. That baby could not have been more then 2 months old.

Today I found myself doing something that previously would not have crossed my mind. By previously I am talking about pre twin life. It would also seem to me that there aren’t many people who do it either based on the extreme helpful nature of the grocery store clerk on the phone. Madison’s formula is not a widely used formula due to it’s high cost (Enfamil’s Nutramigen). After looking up the number on the internet I called the closest grocery store to see if they have her formula in the right kind and quantity in stock. The poor fellow literally ran out into the stores baby isle 5 times on the phone (his fault for not writing the info down to begin with) and then agreed to pull the 11 cans from the shelves for me. Nice. Now it is all ready and waiting for me when Blake wakes up. Their naps got pretty messed up today with our journey to government waitville.

Great. Madison just wet out of her diaper on my leg. Be back later….