Birthday cake fun

Madison is officially a two step wonder. Oh wait, I meant to say lunger! She will completely get her balance before attempting to walk then lunge forward after the first step or two. This is causing the majority of her forehead bruises. I hope she gets it soon, but she is probably going to be one of those kids who take a few months longer to walk.

Us May09 1482

Us May09 1484

This photo apeals to me for so many reasons. A couple are it’s so my mom and Blake has a little boy look to him.
Us May09 1487

Maddy loves her grandma.
Us May09 1491

We waited until my moms (grandma) visit to have the kids birthday cake smash and photos. Their first birthday was on April 18th, and we ended up giving them their cakes on May 13th. This also happened to be their grammy’s birthday AND their original due date! Pretty cool coincidence. The week was so packed with stuff and when Maria could do the cakes it just happened to be on that day.

The kids are as adorable as usual. I with I hadn’t been such a mess that day. When I take pictures of other people I am calm, collected and work with whatever situation is presented to me. Not so with my own family. UGHHHH. It is pretty hard to be the parent when behind the camera and in photographer mode. My kids did not have the, “Oh wow, this cake stuff is sooooo cool” reaction we (Me) were hoping for. Guy gets edgy and short when my camera comes out. I think it’s because he knows I generally have secret expectations. So then we start being grumpy with each other. The next thing that happens is what always happens when parents get edgy… The kids get grumpy. What a great attitude to start out with. No wonder they didn’t take to the cakes!

Nanny (Guy’s mom) will love the cakes. The Australian animals were for her. They were made by my friend Maria who is a rock star cake maker. She cranked out these babies after her family went to bed and still had to go to her full time job the next morning.
Us May09 1503

Us May09 1504

We have four colors of diapers the babies wear so we just happened to have matching ones!
This is what happened when we first set them down. Madison, as usual, hated the cakes on site wanting nothing to do with them. Blake, our adventurer, went right in to play.
Us May09 1505

She pushed the cake away with all her might. He just watches her pitch a fit.
Us May09 1506

Us May09 1507

He wanted to share his one with grandma while Maddy continued her fit.
Us May09 1509

Then Guy offered her a magical taste of frosting. Like the true girl she is (so unlike her mama) she loved the sugary sweetness.
Us May09 1512

Then we had the not so bright idea of giving Blake a taste of it too. He is just like his mama (yay son!!!) with NO love for such delights.
Us May09 1513

Madison was now a happy little girl.
Us May09 1548

Us May09 1516

While Blake decided it was now a horrid experience.
Us May09 1518

Us May09 1522

Some daddy time helped a bit.
Us May09 1524

Madison is very happily eating her cake (frosting) now.
Us May09 1527

I love this shot of Blake hating the cake
Us May09 1528

Oh look how much he soooo doesn’t want it!
Us May09 1529

But mama can make it all better. For those who didn’t know it, Guy is a great photographer. Thanks honey!!
Us May09 1532

Love this one! It was also the last shot with my really long hair. Speaking of my hair it was cut about 4-6 inches shorter Thursday last week. I flat ironed it to make it look nice when Guy got home. He didn’t notice. Not the next day or even the next. I finally had to tell him it had been cut. Really only one person noticed. It was Dianna from church who also just cut quite a bit off her length. The kids still pull my hair, but not quite as often as before.
Us May09 1534

My baby girl and sugar. Hopefully she wont be getting any more of this stuff anytime soon. Guy and I definitely agree it was a one time thing.
Us May09 1536

She’s such a big girl, but she is remarkably fit and lean.
Us May09 1540

She moved onto Blake’s cake when he vacated for the cuddles.
Us May09 1545

His tastes just as good!
Us May09 1547

Then she wanted to spend time with her daddy. This face she’s making cracks me up.
Us May09 1554

We put him in to try again. Same reaction. But…
Us May09 1559

When he figured out he could just play without tasting all was well again.
Us May09 1563

Us May09 1569

Love the foot with the rest of him out of focus.
Us May09 1571

Blake playing with the hair paste.
Us May09 1576

Madison loves to move hands to do what she wants them to do. Here she is making Guy clap.
Us May09 1577

Just in case he didn’t understand she clapped for him.
Us May09 1580

Those cute cubby fingers with all the frosting on them.
Us May09 1582


  1. Super Cute! Coralee kept running away when I tried doing cake pictures with her so I only got a couple keepers. Anyway, I can’t believe how BIG they are, they look like a bundle of fun!

  2. Love love love them all! The pictures Guy took of you are soooo beautiful!

  3. I just have to say this…the picture of your mum and Blake is such a Guy/Melia/Corri face. I laughed when I first saw the pic. Love all the pictures.

  4. I love all the cake pictures. They are so adorable. And the cakes are awesome. Such a cute idea.

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