Blake has ADD

It’s official. Blake has ADD. Yep, he has All Day Dukie disease. Yesterday he crapped 6 times. SIX! Most days it is only 4 times (yeah, only), but when you cloth diaper it feels more like 10 times. It would be so nice to only rinse out 2 poopie diapers a day and not 5 or more. Oh well, such is life. By the way, of course, Guy came up with the gem ADD. He cracks me up!

Madison was so happy while falling over until she hit! Each day she gets a little better at sitting. A little is definitely the right word for it too.
Babies 6 months 517

Blake looks like he has no legs in this photo! Madison is still cranky from falling over.
Babies 6 months 518

My cutie. I just want to hug and kiss him all the time.
Babies 6 months 520

My other cutie! She is so snugly a few times every day. Love it.
Babies 6 months 522

Babies 6 months 524

Momentarily holding hands.
Babies 6 months 526

Guess who wants someone else’s toy? It has started.
Babies 6 months 528

She hasn’t noticed he is taking it yet.
Babies 6 months 529

Now she has. I had to put down the camera and rescue them after this moment!
Babies 6 months 530


  1. Happy 7 month birthday to the twinners — 11/18/08.. Boy are they growing up soo soo fast, time is certainly moving on… Just wish we all lived closer to each other, but oh well.
    Take care
    Lee, Donna & Sariah

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