Busy October – One more way the kids are like puppies

This is definitely the busiest I have ever been in my life. I cannot think of any other time I have had so much to do. Ever. Guy has been a super star too! We only have about three more very busy weeks to get through. Right on. Sometimes my brain has felt fractured lately. Surprisingly it is all manageable.

The kids are learning more every day. They each learned at least 3-4 words today. Madison also learned to play patty cake, and she could climb in and out of some things at Marbles museum she couldn’t do the last time we were there. Blake is a spaz. Yep, a total ball of energy with a great big smacky kiss, big hugs & wild antics. They love to be given a task. Take an item to the garbage, put something away or anything else we can dream up will get them to stop anything they were doing just to do what we ask. They even notice what needs to be done. If there is a piece of paper, dirty dish or dirty diaper they will ask to put it where it belongs. Too bad it wont last very long as any more experienced mom is probably thinking right now.

When will I ever stop thinking of Blake as the small twin? I pulled out a pair of pants just as big and long as Madison’s knowing they would be too long and big. They fit perfect! lol He definitely still eats more then her.

The next pictures waiting in line to be blogged about just happened to be these little gems. I think they follow the last post about about the kiddos being like puppies rather well.
WH Sep09 09 1

WH Sep09 09 2


  1. Love the pics! By the way, I like the core too! My family thinks it is the grossest thing,oh well!!

  2. i think i need to get myself a doggie door. i don't have a dog, but it would be worth it to entertain them.

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