Disney Dreams on Castaway Cay

Disney’s private island was great!  The way it was set up in no way did it feel like there were thousands of other people on there with you.  The food was yummy and there was a variety of things to do.  Loved it.  We loved meeting a very poor look a like choice for Jack Sparrow and having Madison ask him where his hat was.  Too funny.  Guy snapped a quick shot of me holding the twins in front of the ship.  Landon stayed on the ship for nap time in the arms of a nice comfy lady he obviously liked enough to settle in with {the baby-sitting was $6 an hour, well spent $12} letting us go play with the twins in the ocean doing bigger kid stuff.  There was the funny way we put the stroller on the tram {carried our gear & then Landon when Guy went back to get him}.  We had a great time on the ocean water slides & both big kids went down by themselves!  Disney even provided the life jackets.  They met a new friend and tried to make sand castles with their gear.  It ended up we are not good at them and neither was their family.  The twins spent a little while playing in the Disney club and I got to play a couple games of volleyball while Guy got Landon.  We all ate a great lunch together then headed over to play in the awesome water play area.  Back on the ship we spent the remainder of the day doing random things around the ship.  Good times!!  I’ll let the fun images speak mostly for themselves.

One of my little photographers.  One of these days I’ll post some of their pics.

And he shows his baby side {12 months old}!  If you don’t look at how big he is compared to the 2 year old behind him he does look like a baby here!

She wonders why he gets annoyed with her..

This is the movie screen in the pool area.  We did this instead of the show.  So fun and the pool hardly had anyone else in it.  There was no line for the cool Aqua Duck slide!