Catch up of our daily pics

I haven’t taken mine yet today at 10:20pm. The babies had a rough day while guy put in the bathroom hardwood floor. It turns out we do not have enough to do the other bathroom or the entry. We’ll just have to get some more when the money truck pulls up to dump some on our front lawn.

Here is Guy’s photo for today. He skipped the two prior days. The floor has completely transformed the bathroom to a fab bath. No more white on white with some contractor beige!
365 Day 7 #1

Here is my Day 6 with my lovely soup! We received my mom’s Christmas box to us on Wednesday. It had all these boxes of my favorite soup no one here sells. It rocks! To make it go further I take angel hair pasta and break it to make more noodles. The noodles in the box are the same thickness as the angel hair pasta so it totally works. I also add some parsley and spicy Mrs. Dash. Once in a while I make my own version of egg drop soup with it. I add one beaten egg and sometimes some carrots and green onion too.
We also got Sonicare toothbrushes for Guy & I, a $25 gift card to Target, two ‘WOW’ fancy stockings, a pink & blue sippy cup, and a snow globe for the kids.
365 Day 6 #1

Here is my Day 7. It’s the creek we pass any time we leave the house. One of these days when a super heavy rain comes (think hurricane) it will swamp the road leaving us stuck home or away from home. Hopefully we move before that happens.
365 Day 7 #1


  1. I totally knew that you are still Mom’s favorite and I am the black sheep!! Yay for Mrs. Grass soup! I like that pic, but the one by the creek sorta reminds me of those creepy remakes of Japanese horror movies! Still interesting though! The flooring looks great, I hope you can get the rest that you need real soon.

  2. Your story about the soup reminded me, for some reason, of salsa and biscuits and gravy from Shenandoah! Every time I make salsa I think of how we lived on that stuff for days at a time!!

    Love the daily photo idea too. I may have to adopt it and jump in a little late…

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