Our baby is 15 months now

Oh wow, the time sure seems to be passing quickly with this kid!  We went to his 15 month checkup yesterday.  He weighed in at 33.5 pounds, is 35.25 inches tall and has a 50cm head.  This all puts him well above the charts per his normal {his head is just barely over}. {Here’s Landon… Continue reading Our baby is 15 months now

We love birthdays

Right now it is all about birthdays in our family.  The kids are anxiously awaiting theirs with active imaginings of how awesome it will be.  Landon isn’t in on this, but boy are Madison and Blake!  They also seem to have a fair amount of friends who have celebrated birthdays in the last couple months.… Continue reading We love birthdays

The birth story

Landon Laird White has joined our family! April 20, 2011 6:40 am 10 pounds 12 ounces 23 1/4 inches long He came faster then anticipated arriving at our home instead of the hospital. I know there are quite a few people who  have wanted more details then the newspaper article gave {I’ll link to it… Continue reading The birth story

Weird Guy

Since my lovely husband made a Facebook announcement I thought I’d post something on the blog which feeds to Facebook.  Oddly enough our 3% chance one cycle a month actually happened.  What happened, you say?  Oh, pregnancy!  Really?!?!  We had counted out that measly 3% chance one cycle a year as not something that would… Continue reading Weird Guy