Family pictures Fall 2013

Our family pictures have always happened in the spring around the kids birthdays.  Since all three kids were born April 18-20th it makes it an easy easy time to remember capturing our family in images.  Self times and remote controls are not my thing.  There always seems to be something that goes wrong with a… Continue reading Family pictures Fall 2013

Mama crafting

When the twins were born they had these awesome personal quilts made by a friend at church.  She lovingly made quilts for all the new babies born at church she was unable to anymore.  It was an amazing gift that we love.  The twins used their blankets all the time leaving them looking well loved.… Continue reading Mama crafting

Disney Dreams on Castaway Cay

Disney’s private island was great!  The way it was set up in no way did it feel like there were thousands of other people on there with you.  The food was yummy and there was a variety of things to do.  Loved it.  We loved meeting a very poor look a like choice for Jack… Continue reading Disney Dreams on Castaway Cay

More dreams on the Dream

 Well, for those who asked for more details on the Disney cruise, this is another valiant attempt to share.  Or should I say over share?…  I hope you don’t kill me for sharing too many images again.  This time there are more then the last time by almost double. Last post we left off as… Continue reading More dreams on the Dream