By now most people know Landon was born with his ring and middle fingers together to the tip and had surgery just before his 2nd birthday to have them separated.  Warning!!   Some of these images can be graphic for people.  They aren’t bloody or anything just raw looking skin and stitches. You can check… Continue reading Syndactyly

The Purchase

We’ve had a crazy couple weeks.  There is all the normal life and business stuff going on, plus we had a twist thrown at us.  The Purchase!  It is something we have been planning to do for quite a while.  However, we weren’t planning on things happening so fast!!! Today we signed a contract to… Continue reading The Purchase

1 week after surgery

Our Landon is showing all signs of being pain tolerant like his mama.  YAY!!  He’s only taking alternating doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen three times a day. He had the big partial cast dressing up almost to his armpit for the first 6 days.  Yesterday we went in for his first dressing change.  Since I… Continue reading 1 week after surgery

Our Friday with Blake

Blake is so energetic and funny!  He is constantly on the go most of his waking hours. We had a great time on Friday after picking the twins up from school.  After lunch he played a few games on the iPad which included educational games for 10 minutes before any other games.  He and I… Continue reading Our Friday with Blake

Growing up

Growing up. At different times of my life these two words have had vastly different meanings.   The last few months I feel like I personally have grown up a lot.  Until someone in your own immediate circle like a similarly aged family member or very close friend has a life threatening event or dies… Continue reading Growing up