Our state fair trip part 1

Ahhhhh, I couldn’t get my pictures to load into my blogging program for two full days!  Uhmm, it turns out Flash partially quit working on me, but I didn’t notice since it was a partial quit.  I hadn’t turned off the computer for days so a reboot this morning did the trick!  Now I can… Continue reading Our state fair trip part 1

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Great week

We have had a great week.  We were so happy to have Guy not working the crazy hours he was last week.  Guy and I are a bit different about our approach to things coming up.  We both knew the week of WORK {oh, and I mean work…  Try 33 hours of off duty time… Continue reading Great week

Weird Guy

Since my lovely husband made a Facebook announcement I thought I’d post something on the blog which feeds to Facebook.  Oddly enough our 3% chance one cycle a month actually happened.  What happened, you say?  Oh, pregnancy!  Really?!?!  We had counted out that measly 3% chance one cycle a year as not something that would… Continue reading Weird Guy