Our ‘Model’ children

Over the summer our twins were models for a photographers workshop with photographer, Jean Smith, called He Said, She Said. We borrowed some super stylin clothes for Blake from my friend, Nicole, of Nicole Faby Photography.  She dresses her kids in awesome ways, and we needed help.  We most often have hand me down and… Continue reading Our ‘Model’ children

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More cruise fun

  Weeds are always interesting to me.  Love the texture in these!  This shot is when our driver had to stop and top off the bus with gas so I hoofed it back to a few cool buildings I saw a few blocks back.  🙂  My favorite thing is to walk and explore places we… Continue reading More cruise fun

Cruise tidbits

If you have never been on a cruise this next part is an inside look for you.  Each cruise line has a lot of planned activities to tease you out of your shell or let you make a complete fool of yourself!  We had a great time putting ourselves out there in the hopes of… Continue reading Cruise tidbits