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So as if I had loads of time this week with my upcoming event to sell my fine art photos (and hopefully book some portrait sessions too!) I submitted a post for How Do You Do It to become a regular contributor on the blog! So I’m totally crazy, yes, but I’d love for you to go check it out. There are seven days of guest writers competing. The person with the most votes will become a regular contributor. I’ve really liked this blog since finding it, because all the moms and dads of multiples who comment have great stuff to say. The readers leave lots of great comments too. My post is going to be posted on Wednesday June 3rd.

Here are a few photos from my moms visit. We went to my friend, Christine’s, party for her girls birthdays. It turned out to be the perfect day.

My mom was waving at the kids here.
Us May09 1288

Did I tell you the kids are no longer using bottles?!?!?! I’m so excited. Guy tried the sippy cups with them again a week ago. They haven’t had a bottle since. They also dropped from 4 bottles to 2 a day. Anyway, here is a proud grandma cuddling with Maddy while she has her bottle.
Us May09 1263

Blake & Maddy had a great time with the hula hoops.
Us May09 1264

Helping my boy drink from a fountain for the first time.
Us May09 1271

They loved the watermelon even though they both went for the rind first.
Us May09 1282

Playing with the hula hoops again.
Us May09 1292

Blake was loving the swing. Maddy wouldn’t get in for anything.
Us May09 1322

She did go down the slide with me, though.
Us May09 1317

The bithday girls with their mom.
Us May09 1334

Grandma walking with Madison on our way to the car.
Us May09 1345

And what post would be complete without a funny face from Blake?
Us May09 1346


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