Chilly day – 6 week check up for me

All is back to normal in the White house. We made up (as we always do) within a half an hour last night.

Today we got the nursery almost finished. The second crib is now put together. We also purchased some wall stickers that do not harm the wall and are easily removed and reused when we went to get the two high chairs. Marlene & Dave and Jamie & Cynthia sent us the money for them. The chairs are the kind that work from infant to toddler and can be used on the floor/couch/bed or strapped into a chair. Very useful kind of chair for twins. I’m hoping to be able to take a few photos of the nursery tomorrow.

My 6 week check up was today. All looks good. I do get to go back for an u/s to see where my fibroids are now and to make sure the cysts are all gone from my ovaries. The doc said all is well and offered me birth control. Now, while we know that it can be ‘possible’ to have another baby it is very unlikely without drugs. She also ended up getting me to say how we got pregnant and was shocked! lol If anyone needs to know how that happened let me know and I’ll write the story in a post. No, it isn’t as simple as just having sex either….

It has been rainy and under 60 degrees today. It is awesome. Love it and it makes all the landscape look so green and pretty.


  1. Shannon! Those sweet babes are just beautiful! So glad to have come across your blog link on Mona’s blog. You guys did good!! 🙂 I hope amidst all the adjusting, and sleepless nights everyone is doing ok!
    Lots of Love,
    Sheri and Gene

  2. Thanks Sheri! Glad you caught up with us and hope all is going well in Cincinatti!

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