Christmas card 5

My mom loves kids. Loves them. She’s always been known as the person who can put any baby to sleep. Babies just love cuddling with her and feeling her sweet spirit. Every friend I’ve run into again after years apart asks how my mother is withing the first few catch up questions.

Merry Christmas from my mom & the twins!
WH Dec12 09 1

Now that we live far away in North Carolina it’s so strange to me that my friends do not know my mother. Not at all. Yep, still weird.

Today Madison was all about saying, “I did it” or “You did it.” She yells it very excitedly whenever she or we deserve the praise.
Blake was all about doing a board puzzle. He did it many times. He also recognizes when he doesn’t pronounce a word correctly & will work on it until he says it right.
They have started holding hands a lot now. I’m not sure if this started when we played Ring Around the Rosie or when we all held hands in a line to check the mail {I thought the man driving by waiving excitedly at us was going to die from the absolute cuteness of our idyllic look}.

Today was a seriously cold day. Wow, was it cold. Like 22 degrees when I headed out to my early morning session. They were all freezing as we did most of the shots outside. The teens were both wearing short sleeve shirts! Oh, but it was so beautiful out. There is something really cool about morning light.

Some friends of mine need prayers right now. Their family has been blessed by a sweet miracle baby who is having a really hard time right now. He is documenting baby Ella’s journey with a blog. Please pray that baby Ella will be able to get well enough to head home to her families care. Her big brother and sister would love to have her home for them to help take care of her instead of far away in the hospital. Ella’s story can be found here. This awesome & loving family lost their infant son last year who was only 1 month older then the twins. I’m praying they do not lose another baby. Please join me {I know many of you already are and knew about Ella long before I did this week}.